Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Farmington Hills, MI

We are pediatric feeding specialists.

We are committed to helping children struggling with picky eating, breastfeeding, sensory issues, and more achieve normal functioning skills.

Do you have a child who struggles with any of the following?

Picky or restrictive eating habits

Sensory processing issues, ADD, lack of coordination

Difficulty latching and/or bottle feeding

Tongue or lip tie

Vision deficit (e.g., tracking or ocular motor issue)

Birth trauma, preemie, birth defects

We are here to help.

“Magda is the most knowledgeable Pediatric Occupational and Craniosacral Therapist I have ever met. I knew from the first appointment that we had with her, that Magda would make a huge difference in our lives. After beginning therapy with Magda, my daughter’s stomach issues improved for the first time since she was born. Over the years, she has made huge gains in her ability to eat, write, walk, talk, and process the world around her. She is currently doing better than I could have ever imagined. My daughter has blossomed into a happy, fun, friendly child and is healthier than I had ever hoped. I truly believe that Magda saved my daughter’s life. I would recommend Magda to anyone.”

– Chloe

"Magda understands and has helped me a lot!”

– Megan, 7 years old

"Magda is a miracle worker!"

– Abby, 9 years old

“Magda's Magic Hands! I have known Magda for about 7 years now and I still remember the first day we met. My oldest child was born with a bladder reflux condition that resulted in many surgeries and procedures, which resulted in a lot of scar tissue in her body and hence muscular restrictions. I didn't even know what those were before I met Magda. Anyway, after struggling with my child's behavior, outbursts, cranky and mean attitude for several months, we were referred to Magda. I still remember sitting in the waiting room thinking this was not going to help either. However, when Magda started talking to us the first thing she said to me was "It's going to be OK, Mom. You got this!" That was the first time in this journey with my child that anyone ever said that or reassured me and Magda was absolutely right, it was going to be OK!! I used this particular example, because in my opinion Magda is a wonderful person who truly cares about each and every patient she has. She is always calming, very encouraging, positive, and always willing to help."

– Beth M.

“They [Michigan Pediatric Therapy] saved our breastfeeding relationship and helped him to strive!!”

– Jessica W.

“We have worked with Magda for many years and have found her to be very good at what she does. She has helped our son with his hyperactive and behavioral issues. After he sees Magda, he is a calmer kid. We are so grateful we found her and highly recommended her. Thank you.”

– Julie Dziuba

“Magda is amazing with our son. She has a special gift and touch - warm, caring and healing. She's knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our son has enjoyed working with her for years and is way better off for it. We are so lucky to have her on our team.”

– Anne D.

“Magda Girao is a wonderful occupational therapist with an amazing ability to communicate with babies. We were referred to Magda after our 2.5 month old son had slow weight gain and was extremely fussy when eating. Before and after his tongue/lip/cheek tie revision, Magda did CST and helped us with various OT exercises in order to strengthen the muscles in his face, jaw, mouth, etc. and to coordinate his suck-swallow-breathe pattern. Magda is very kind and patient. She takes the time to hear concerns and explore solutions to problems. She is extremely respectful to babies and listens to their communications and cues. We went to another clinic prior to seeing Magda for OT, and there is no comparison. The other place was run-of-the-mill and did not seem to brainstorm new ideas when things weren’t improving. Magda was always giving us new exercises or things to try at home to progress; her treatment plan was customized to our child. Magda helped us during a very difficult time and now our son is thriving. We are so thankful to have found her!”

– Stephanie P.

“We brought our three month old son to Magda after he stopped gaining weight and refused to nurse, and after seeing a half dozen providers that couldn’t tell us why. Magda immediately diagnosed our son with oral ties and orofacial muscle weakness that was making nursing impossible. Her gentle therapy techniques and easy to follow at-home therapy plans helped our son go from an unhappy, uncomfortable baby to the happiest and most content little guy who now loves to eat, play in tummy time, and sleep! We can’t recommend Magda enough! She is so knowledgeable and experienced, and her genuine love for babies/children made us feel so comfortable putting our son in her care!”

– Lauren D.

“My 2 week old was referred to Magda when we had issues with breastfeeding. Magda was wonderful. She was so patient and respectful to my little one. We saw Magda for about 3 months and she really helped us get through a rough patch in development. We are thankful for her.”

– Michelle M.

“We had our therapy here [Michigan Pediatric Therapy], very much recommend…OT and CST really encompasses everything needed to tackle oral ties other than the revision procedure itself.”

– Laura V.

"My oldest child started to suffer from constant migraines. After ear tubes and adenoid removal, it was still not enough. The ENT recommended Cranial Sacral Therapy and I knew just who to call. Again, Magda worked her magic and my daughter felt some relief even after the first session with Magda. The headaches and ear pain are now gone! I have 2 other children that have seen Magda for treatment as well. My middle child has a sensory processing disorder. This has brought a new series of challenges to our family and Magda has been there to help for quite a bit of it. Magda has not only treated my daughter but she has been the key to helping us create a good sensory diet at home. I can also talk to Margda about anything going on with my middle child and Magda always has a suggestion on how to help. Magda is currently treating my youngest child who has torticollis. Once I noticed that my child's head was leaning, the first person I called was Magda. "

– Beth M.

“I currently take my 2 month old daughter there [Michigan Pediatric Therapy] for oral function/feeding issues. Magda and Matt are great!”

– Aubrey A.

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