Have you ever wanted to just give your child the extra edge—to help them get to the next level, past present frustrations?


Michigan Pediatric Therapy is excited to offer Intensive programs. An Intensive program provides your child with the opportunity to enhance their skills with highly structured activities. We provide a one-on-one approach and each child’s program is individualized with set goals striving for high success in achievement. We evaluate prior to starting the program.


“Will you please take a bite?”

How many times have you said that?

We combine a variety of oral-motor techniques and occupational therapy approaches, such as the SOS Approach to Feeding, Beckman’s Talk Tools, and Mealtime Miseries, to improve a child’s capacity to increase their food intake.

We strive to take your child from eating the bare minimum to increasing their food intake—“taking a bite” becomes a reality.


Regulation, regulation, regulation.

How is regulation accomplished?

We work with tactile, vestibular, and proprioception systems to help your child enhance their ability to process information in their everyday life. Many children misbehave because they are not processing information correctly, so their output of behavior is not always appropriate for the situation.

We use sensory integrative techniques to improve that processing, such as Therapeutic Listening, Astronaut Training, Zones of Regulation, and the Brushing Protocol, to achieve results.

Program length: 4 weeks

Frequency: 4 days/week for 1-2 hour sessions

Isn’t it time to R.O.A.R.? Contact us today to set up your evaluation: (248) 939-4030.

Our Space

Nestled in Farmington Hills, Michigan, our space exudes a homely ambiance, providing a welcoming contrast to a typical medical setting. Vibrant and inviting, our facility is designed to make children feel at ease and foster their well-being. The treatment rooms boast comfort and color, creating a pleasant environment. Additionally, our beloved play-based sensory room adds an element of excitement, making therapy sessions something children eagerly anticipate.

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