Somato Emotional Release

Healing Through the Liberation of Stored Trauma

In the intricate tapestry of the human body, memories and emotions are not merely ephemeral experiences; they can become encapsulated within our tissues, bearing the imprints of past traumas. At our center, we recognize the profound impact these stored memories can have on children’s physical and emotional well-being. Somato emotional release (SER), a therapeutic approach rooted in deep understanding and sensitivity, serves as a transformative journey toward healing and liberation.

Understanding the Ties Between Trauma and Tissues: A Holistic Perspective

Somato emotional release is founded on the concept that traumatic experiences, whether physical blows, negative emotions, or hurtful words uttered during moments of anguish, can become lodged within our tissues. These events create muscle restrictions, hindering function and impacting our overall well-being. Through expert guidance and therapeutic techniques, SER aims to unlock these held memories, liberating the body and mind from their grip.

The Path to Liberation: Increasing Function and Emotional Freedom

The core objective of SER is twofold: to enhance physical function and to usher in a profound sense of emotional ease, especially in high-charge situations. By releasing the stored trauma, children can experience increased mobility, reduced pain, and improved bodily function. Emotionally, this release fosters a sense of freedom, enabling children to navigate challenging situations without the burden of past traumas.


Our Expert Approach: Compassionate Care, Profound Healing

At our center, SER is not just a therapeutic technique; it’s a deeply empathetic and personalized journey toward healing. Our skilled practitioners, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, create a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore and release their stored traumas. Through gentle yet powerful methods, we guide each child toward physical and emotional liberation, empowering them to leave the past behind and embrace a future of freedom and ease.

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